• Flex-Ultra Commission Program - Saving Orlando Area Sellers Thousands at Sale! 

    I have been in real estate for more than 15 years now and something I have never EVER seen posted in public, is the commission rate that a particular agent will charge – especially other seasoned professionals that are positioned alongside me at the top of the Orlando Board ranking. It’s true! Take a look around. If you ever wanted to know what a particular agent charges, you might call and the agent will give you some vague answer and require that they see you in person to know for sure. They will then try and negotiate the highest possible commission in person. That sounds like fun for you doesn’t it? I know this is the case because this is how I handled the question for years and I did it this way because it’s how I was taught to do it. 

    I have decided to go “GIMMICK FREE” and show you exactly what you can expect to be charged when you hire me. I am convinced that for cost versus the value and experience I bring to your sale, you will NOT find a better offer of value in the Orlando Marketplace for high level, effective marketing of your home. In an effort to be transparent, here are the details of my Flex-Ultra Commission Program.

    For Homes Priced at $250,000 and Above

    • The total commission is 3.95% if there are two agents involved after the 1% Rebate  
    • The total commission is reduced to 2.95% if I (listing agent) procure the buyer that buys your home - after the 1% Rebate
    • 1% Rebate – All Sellers get a 1% Rebate on the Home They Purchase Good for Anywhere in North America including Canada – Not buying right away? It’s ok, you will eventually! Use it later or transfer its value! This is a REAL rebate and we want you to have it’s true value.

    For Homes Priced Below $250,000

    • Same as above except the total commission above is increased by 1% - 4.95% for dual agent sale and 3.95% for just listing agent caused sale after the 1% Rebate. 

    Now for the boring stuff - Here are the conditions in detail. 

    If there are two agents involved in the sale, me representing you the seller, and an agent that brings a buyer, the fee outlined is split 50/50 between the listing agent and the buyers agent. 

    1% Discount if the Listing Agent Sells the Home Themselves: The commission fee is reduced by 1% if the listing agent (yours truly) sells your home and procures (fancy real estate term that basically means “found the buyer and caused sale) the buyer – AND both parties are approving of me representing them both. For this reduction to apply, there would be no other broker or agent compensated in any way related to this sale, resulting in an additional discount to you!
    Additional 1% Rebate on Purchase: 1% of your sale price when we sell your home, that same amount will be credited back to you when you buy your next home! You can even buy anywhere in the US or Canada, and at any time in the future you choose. Conditions for this rebate are the following:

    a. The listing broker hereby agrees to credit back up to 1% of the "buying side" commission on the
    seller's next home purchase (to a max of 1% of the sale price of seller's home). The credit is
    conditional to the seller signing an a buyer agency agreement with the listing broker and the listing
    broker earning a 3% on the purchase that the seller decides to buy.
    b. If the seller decides to purchase out of the state for which the listing broker is licensed then the
    listing agent will interview and refer the seller to a partner broker out of state and negotiate a 25%
    to 30% commission referral from same broker, and if the seller purchases with that same partner, the listing broker will credit that 25% to 30% referral fee back (to a max of 1% of the sale price of
    the seller's home).
    Commissions are not fixed or set by law and negotiable between agent and seller in every instance.